Nissan GT-R creates world’s largest-ever map of India


Nissan Motor India decided to commemorate the 68th Republic Day of India with a special record breaking tribute to the country and its citizens. The Nissan GT-R will soon enter the Limca Book of Records for creating the largest ever outline of any country map in the world. This was announced in an official statement by Nissan.Nissan GTR record India Map
A Nissan GT-R successfully carved out India’s approximate map covering three square kilometres. This was done on the dry surface of Rajasthan’s Sambhar Lake. Professional rally driver Rahul Kanthraj drove the Nissan GT-R to achieve this remarkable feat. The company also added that the map was created through plotting of the co-ordinates on a GPS device for greater accuracy while several laps were executed to approximate the actual Indian map.
The map covered around 3 kilometres in terms of length and 2.8 kilometres in terms of width and possessed a total periphery touching 14.7 kilometres. This record is awaiting final certification and will then be contained in the 2018 edition of the Limca Book of Records which is expected to be published in June 2018.

The Nissan GT-R was launched officially in India in December 2016 as a Premium Edition variant. The first delivery of the supercar was taken by Bollywood superstar and the company’s brand ambassador John Abraham. The GT-R is manufactured at the Tochigi plant in Japan and sales and service is provided by the first official Nissan High Performance Centre (NHPC) in Noida. The GT-R comes with a hand-built 3.8 litre twin turbo V6 mill that dishes out 565 hp.